There’s probably some not-so-clever joke I could make about Tool and falling asleep but a) I’m not that clever and b) Tool are great. I’m not sure I ever needed or even considered the possibility of hearing their music transformed into soothing lullabies, complete with twinkling keys and harps, but that hasn’t stopped the Twinkle Twinkle Little Rockstar project from giving it a go.

Taking tracks from all over the band’s career, they turn the band’s usually dark and aggressive alt-metal into surprisingly pacifying 3 minute long lullabies whilst still maintaining a great resemblance to the original. ‘Stinkfist‘ has never sounded this innocent. You can check out samples from every track on the album through Amazon or listen to their version of ‘Sober‘ below:


What’s even more surprising, is that this isn’t the first time it’s been done. Back in 2006, another project named Rockaby Baby! released a similar album and while I can’t tell if the two projects are related in any way, maybe there’s a bigger market for lullaby versions of metal albums than I thought. [infowars logic]Maybe it’s a ruthless cut-throat business ruled by a select group of individuals that toss out the weak and assimilate other lullaby makers, whilst claiming dominance of this clearly lucrative business model.[/infowars logic] Or maybe it’s a coincidence.

– DL


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