oblivionized human cull

The more I dig into the UK underground, the more I love it. There’s some truly filthy music just waiting to be heard and Oblivionized and Human Cull are two prime examples of premier grind acts that are criminally overlooked. The former opts for doling out angular and tight grind while the latter takes on a more visceral and raw approach, but the two have come together to put out a split 7″, under the beautiful name of This Septic Isle.

Although the record isn’t set for release until the 13th of July, you can stream the entire thing below, through the Human Cull Bandcamp page:

The 7″ comes with artwork from both Luis Sendon and Arif Rot and mastering from William Blackmon (Gadget) and the legendary Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer), as well plenty of options for pre-order packages. Definitely a lot of love put into this effort and I’ll certainly agree with the statement in the description — “This is a split EP for grindcore fans, by grindcore fans. This is NOT for the timid or the weak!

– DL

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