I’ll be honest, I was worried about Surgical Steel. After the return of Morbid Angel, I guess I’ve just erred on the side of caution and tried not to get too excited about comebacks. However, over the weekend, a brand new Carcass track made it’s way on to the net from a Party San sampler disc and, well, it definitely has me excited. It’s far more in the vein of the melodic death metal of Heartwork than their earlier grind work, but it’s still brutal as hell and Bill Steer pulls off some scorching solos in the second half. While I’m sure there’s people out there willing to gratuitously complain about the lack of Symphonies/Reek, from what I’ve seen they’re in the minority and reception has been incredibly positive.

The track was initially uploaded to YouTube, but has been up and down more times than a whore’s drawers since then so, hopefully, below you can find a working link to the track:


Found via the beautiful souls over at Metal Injection!

Surgical Steel will drop later this year through Nuclear Blast and, if you’re a limey like me, then be sure to check out the band’s upcoming tour alongside Viking marauders Amon Amarth. Things are sure to get bloody.


– DL

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