Videogames are always getting crowd-funded through Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, but rarely do they ever pertain to rock and metal. Karmaflow, however, is a rock opera platform/puzzler featuring many musicians you might be familiar with, including vocalists Marc Hudson of Dragonforce and Hennig Basse of MaYaN/ex-Firewind, among others. This looks like it has potential for greatness and will cater to those who love indie games, concept albums, and power metal.


From the IndieGoGo page:

Karmaflow is a third person puzzle/platform adventure, and the world’s first rock opera video game! The game is aimed at immersion and experience, and brings a new take on the genre of “rock opera”. We are pursuing to bring you a never seen (and heard) before experience through the medium of video game. In a rich fantasy setting, you take on the role of the Karmakeeper, who is responsible for maintaining the balance in different worlds. You will travel to these worlds and have to save the Guardian Spirits that live there, by finding and unlocking the long lost Karmaflows. Through puzzling, platforming and exploration, you will be treated to an extensive story told through interactive music. The Karmakeeper will gain new abilities while making his way through rich environments, and uses sources of Good Karma he can find in the world to drive out the Bad Karma that led to the Guardian Spirits’ downfall.

As of this posting, they’ve only reached 4,220€ of their 50,000€ with 49 days remaining. Go visit the IndieGoGo page to view the perks and pledge some money if you like what you see.

– JR



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