It’s been a while since we’ve had any new music from Tides of Man. Their previous release Dreamhouse was a great piece of progressive rock that would appeal to fans of Coheed and Cambria or I The Mighty, and it easily made it on to my 2010 top ten list. The band have undergone some significant changes since then however, namely the departure of vocalist Tilian Pearson. After an unfruitful search for a replacement singer, they decided to carry on as an instrumental outfit. This honestly had me worried at first, because the vocals are one of the main reasons that I enjoy their older work. Now that they’ve begun to reveal some of the new material though, my worry has turned to excitement.


The group’s 3rd album will be titled Young And Courageous, and they’ve initiated an indiegogo campaign to raise funds for recording and releasing it. They’re asking for $15,000, which seems like a reasonable enough amount for what they’re trying to accomplish, and the perks are decent as well. It’s only been going for a few days but they’re already more than 20% of the way there, so let’s keep that momentum going. You can head over to the indiegogo page to see more details on the campaign, check out a breakdown of how the money will be spent, and of course to contribute. A $250 perk is being offered for free to whoever gets the most referrals to the campaign, so it’s good to see them motivating people to help out in ways that aren’t only financial.

You can hear snippets of it in the campaign video, but here is the full title track:


It appears that they’re moving towards a much more post-rock sound, but while that’s a big change for them, it’s definitely not a bad thing.

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