Now my Finnish is non-existent at best (you’d think with all the metal I listen to, I’d be able to pick up at least something from those beautiful Scandanavian languages), but I’m wary of believing that ‘Kehtoon Tupetut‘ genuinely translates to ‘cradle of chickens’ as Google Translate is telling me. It might do, there’s probably a damn good reason that coincides with the lyrics, but I can’t read those either as they’re in Finnish too. Hell, a cradle of chickens sounds delicious, so it’s not that bad and I’m sure someone in the comments will enlighten me. But thankfully, music is a universal language that we can all connect with and the crusty, d-beat hatred of Unkind is something that should be shared with the world.


Kehtoon Tupetet‘ is taken from the band’s latest album Pelon Juurat released through Relapse Records and takes everything you love from bands like Trap Them and All Pigs Must Die and rams them through a filter of early, crusty death metal like Entombed. It’s not for the faint of heart and, if you’re familiar with Relapse at all, you’ll know they don’t half-arse it, even when it comes to lyric videos.

– DL


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