Earlier this month, Monuments announced that they would be unveiling their new vocalist at this weekend’s Ghostfest in Leeds. It looks like the cat was let out of the bag earlier than anticipated, because now it has been revealed that Chris Barretto is the group’s new vocalist.

A video of the group performing with Barretto circulated social media last night, but all evidence has since been removed from Facebook and YouTube. The news has already spread like wildfire though, and many fans are rightfully excited.

However, one can’t help but wonder if Barretto is suitable as a full-time, dedicated, and permanent vocalist or just another passing musician in the Monuments alumni. Barretto is an qualified musician without a doubt, but his knack for band-hopping speaks for itself; his resume includes the likes of Periphery, Friend for a Foe, and The HAARP Machine. And what does this mean for his current project Ever Forthright? Not to mention the difficulties surrounding British bands working with an American vocalists. It didn’t work out so well for Tesseract, if you recall.

So while this is pretty exciting news, it still raises a lot of questions. Hopefully everything works out well for Monuments and Barretto. That lineup can do great things, and I would be optimistic to assume this could further open to doors for a long-awaited American tour? Fingers crossed!

– JR

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