As absolutely evil as the notoriously anti-gay hate group the Westboro Baptist Church are, they’re finally planning something we can all get behind. The group are planning a protest against Attila when they arrive in Kansas next month.

Unfortunately, it feels like a hollow sort of occasion. Had Westboro Baptist independently decided to take notice of Attila’s special breed of bad and announced a protest without solicitation, this would have been much better. However, Attila frontman Chris Fronzak extended an invitation to the hate group himself, probably in an effort to look that much more “controversial.”

In reality, Attila’s About that Life is far from controversial, as Metalsucks pointed out. There’s nothing at all uniquely outrageous about Attila other than how bad their music is. Attila is the equivalent of dick jokes set to deathcore, and that stopped being funny in middle school. It all just screams of try-hard attempts at being edgy. It’s just not working.

I mean, the group are promoting their new album online with advertisements that primarily feature asses. I love asses as much as the next guy, but if that’s your primary means of promotion, then forget about it. It’s like the group are saying, “here’s a booty, buy our album pls.” It’s more juvenile that “controversial.”

So while it’s hilarious that Westboro Baptist are picketing an Attila show, it kinda loses its sting when you realize it’s a publicity stunt from the band in order to seem 2edgy4u. Here’s an idea; if you want to be an edgy metal band, burn down Westboro Baptist instead. At least people will universally love SOMETHING you’ve done, and the jail time will certainly make you seem harder. Attila will be the Burzum of deathcore in no time.

– JR


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