Loss of Self - 12 Minutes

I’ve said time and time again that while I’m still sorta fresh to the black metal genre, I tend to love avant garde and post-black metal the most. The blend of black metal’s bleak extremities with the atmosphere of post-rock and the off-putting weirdness of avant garde music makes for some of the most challenging and artistic music out there.

One label in particular that caters to this specific fringe genre is The Flenser, who are responsible for releases from bands such as Wreck and Reference, Botanist, Panopticon, and more. The label are gearing up to promote another forward-thinking act in the form of Melbourne, Australia’s Loss of Self and their new album, Twelve Minutes.

Twelve Minutes, despite its title, actually contains around thirty minutes of music, including six new songs and three remastered demos. Mastering for the effort was handled by James Plotkin, who has worked with the likes of Sunn O))) and Isis. Unfortunately, this full length isn’t released until September 2nd, so a sampling of the album has yet to come. However, the band’s original 2012 demo is still available for free download via Bandcamp.

Pre-order information is coming soon, so if you’re interested, keep your eyes peeled at Loss of Self’s Facebook for news as it comes in.

– JR


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