Far Stepper / Of Wide Sea

Returning We Hear The Larks‘ previous EP Proud England remains as one of my favorite djent releases so far, and it seems like a new full-length has been too long in the making. Finally, there’s a new significant release from the solo project of British musician Jak Noble, as Far-Stepper/Of Wide Sea sees release on today, Noble’s 21st birthday!

Jak’s breed of tentative serenity brings to mind the likes of Deftones and Tesseract at times with riffing inspired by Vildhjarta. Based on what I’ve heard of the new record so far, Jak has stepped up his sound to include fuller production, even more brilliant songwriting, and versatile vocal work. Possibly his best work yet, this is a diverse prog album that deserves much wider attention! Stream and download Far-Stepper/Of Wide Sea below.

Unfortunately, Far-Stepper/Of Wide Sea acts as a swan song for RWHTL, as the project is now being put to rest:

My second and final full-length is now available for free download in both vocal and instrumental versions.
I would like to take this time to tell you that this is the end of RWHTL. I have had a wonderful few years with you guys but it’s time for me to take my music in another direction.

I will be releasing a covers album soon (of mostly Tech Death tracks) and I will probably put out some kind of collection demos/unreleased material, as I did with Ypres. So there’s still some more Larks to come.

I will be back on the scene pretty soon with a new project, so make sure to keep an eye on what’s going down and drop me a message every now and then.

For now, enjoy this album. It’s been a very long time coming and I hope you guys like what you hear. Thank-you so much for all the support and I’ll see you all around soon!

Much love,

This is a massive bummer. RWHTL is one of my favorite unsigned acts, and despite the negative connotations surrounding djent, Jak always managed to do it better than just about everyone else. Hopefully his next work will be just as inspired.

– JR


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