iwrestledabearonce - Late For Nothing

A little under two weeks ago, we caught a glimpse of the future of iwrestledabearonce with their first new song featuring new vocalist Courtney LaPlante, ‘Thunder Chunky.’ Now, the band have released a second new track from their forthcoming third album Late For Nothing in ‘Firebees.’ Listen to the track below:


The track’s a bit odd, and not in the normal iwabo sort of odd. This slow almost ballad-esque track goes to show that the group weren’t lying when they said that this album would be their most melodic work yet.

The track was posted to promote the new pre-orders that are now available on iTunes. Pre-orders come with an instant download of ‘Firebees,’ so if you want to download the track, go throw your money at this location. Late For Nothing is due out August 6th through Century Media Records.

– JR


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