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There’s nothing I love more than a metal band who aren’t afraid to engage in a bit of self-deprecation. Maybe it’s my English showing, but there’s something lovable about a band playing gut-wrenchingly heavy music and being self-aware about how ridiculous it can come across sometimes. Poland’s own Decapitated have taken that route with their latest music video for ‘Carnival Is Forever‘, taken from the 2011 album of the same name. The track itself is a dynamic 8 minute journey through grooving Meshuggah-isms and furious blasts but the video is something different altogether. Check it out below:


So, yeah. There’s some gratuitous blood and guts but not a single abandoned warehouse in sight. I figure they must’ve found a great BBQ spot to consider transporting their gear there and while it seems pretty ridiculous, in an age where some bands need nondescript boxes to rest one foot on during videos, I’d say playing guitar in a tree is pretty metal.

– DL


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