Born of Osiris

Whether it’s unfounded or not, Born of Osiris have a lot to prove to fans with their upcoming fourth release. There’s a bit of uncertainty surrounding their previous effort The Discovery because of former guitarist Jason Richardson’s involvement. Perhaps because of his own contributions or a coincidence, the band got more progressive after he joined. The band maintains that Richardson’s contributions were minimal, with Richardson of course claiming otherwise. Many fans (myself included) thought The Discovery was the group’s best work to date, and following Richardson’s departure, it put future Born of Osiris material into question. Will it continue the progression explored on The Discovery?

Obviously it’s silly to make such wild assumptions and expectations, but unfortunately it exists among fans. Hopefully these fears will be put to rest once a new single emerges, but until then we’ll have to make do with fan-shot footage of the band performing a new song on their recent tour. Watch the currently unnamed song in question at 4:15 below.


The song sounds pretty good based on what can be heard. It sounds like the melody-focused musicianship from The Discovery, and the song has a recognizable structure on first listen. We’ll see how it holds up on the band’s new album, but so far so good!

With the band now performing new material, it’s safe to expect an album announcement from Sumerian Records in the coming weeks.

– JR


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