How does a band get added to a high-profile tour without their knowledge or consent? That’s exactly what happened to Anaal Nathrakh last Thursday, June 20th, when Fleshgod Apocalypse announced their UK headlining tour with direct support from the aforementioned blackened grind duo. Obviously, the tour looked absolutely killer, with our British-based writer Damien excited to see these two acts share the stage. Unfortunately, a mix-up behind-the-scenes caused Anaal Nathrakh to be added to the bill without the band having any knowledge of it at all.

The announcement was removed from Fleshgod Apocalypse’s Facebook and Anaal Nathrakh took to comment:

For anyone hoping to see us in the UK in October: It appears we have been announced for a string of UK dates with Fleshgod Apocalypse in October. We did NOT agree to play these shows. Repeat: at no point have we ever said that we would play these dates, or that Mick would even be in Europe at the time. We are currently looking into whether we can do them for the sake of those who may have already bought tickets. But the dates have been announced without our participation or consent, and we cannot guarantee at this stage that we will be playing. We thought it best to let people know the situation as quickly as possible rather than waiting for a final confirmation. Further information will follow as soon as it is available.

It’s bewildering how something like this could happen. It takes all sorts of officiating to get a tour like this off the ground. The above tour admat looks officially done, with all sorts of agencies involved, such as Nuclear Blast, Terrorizer Magazine, and a handful of others. This sort of screw-up isn’t something that can just happen. It’s hard to imagine a tour like this getting announced with just vague responses and assumptions from the parties involved.

A representative of the Nazgul Agency (who presumably booked the tour) took to the comments and made the following statement:

If anyone has a query, or is of a keyboard-warrior disposition then you can feel free to message me directly with your issues, rather than standing behind a big band shaking your fist saying “Yeah what they said”. There is no 100% sole culprit in this situation, certain things got out of hand from various sides and I will be emailing Anaal Nathrakh’s powers that be shortly. I completely understand where the Anaal Nathrakh guys are coming from and if they’d like to get in touch personally then I’d also welcome that. Our agency prides ourselves on delivering polished work to the fans of the UK and what has happened has been disappointing to all. I can only hope for the fan’s sake (who were looking forward to this tour that it can be rectified, and we will do all we can to not throw the baby out with the bath water.

In the mean time my only personal request if people stray from jumping to conclusions about the motives and capabilities of the agency involved.

We do all this for you and we would not spend months and months working on this to have it end up in such a way.

Many regards,

The Nazgul Agency

Further, one of the promoters also commented:

Between the labels, the booking agents, us promoters, the bands, the venues, the van drivers, the sound techs even the bar staff and everything else there are easily 300 people involved in this, most of whom have never actually met each other face to face and are spread out not just over the country but spread out between the UK, Italy and Germany.

Thus far I have worked with Nazgul on three tours before this and they are probably the best I have worked with so far. This is a pretty major cock up but sometimes no matter how hard you try… Things get lost along the way.

Evidently, they don’t know what happened either. It’s probably chalked up to a simple miscommunication with Anaal Nathrakh’s booking agent, who perhaps overestimated their availability?

At any rate, just today (6/24), Anaal Nathrakh confirmed that they will not be performing at any of the dates.

Update about October – we’re not going to be able to make the UK dates with Fleshgod Apocalypse. Apologies to anyone who feels let down by that, but we couldn’t make it work. Nazgul et al are being informed at the moment. Hope the shows go well.

To make up for it, alongside Bound By Exile and Scordatura, Bloodshot Dawn and Flayed Disciple have been added to the bill on at least some dates (check local listings), but a Fleshgod Apocalypse show is undoubtedly worth seeing regardless of support.

Here are the dates:

10/05 Bristol, UK – Exchange
10/06 Birmingham, UK – Roadhouse
10/07 Liverpool, UK – Central Dome
10/09 Glasgow, UK – Ivory Blacks
10/10 Wakefield, UK – Snooty Fox
10/12 Huddersfield, UK – Parish

– JR


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