one of us is the killer video

Overlooking the searing, white-hot fanboy praise I have for the band, I can see One Of Us Is The Killer easily topping some year-end lists come December. While not as experimental as some of their previous work, the band opted to consolidate their sound and focus on all the little details to produce an album that is mind blowing from start to finish. Alkahest reviewed the album here and put across pretty much what I thought of the album, far more articulately than I could.

The latest release in support of the album comes in the form of a new video for ‘One Of Us Is The Killer‘ which, like it’s predecessor in ‘When I Lost My Bet‘, comes from the obviously deranged mind of director Mitch Massie and pulls together visuals that are as fascinating as they are disgusting. Check it out:


Beautiful, right?

– DL


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