whitechapel thing

Whitechapel‘s self-titled release from last year was one of the best modern metal albums to come out. Such a talented and young band have evolved from just straight deathcore into a more death metal style with deathcore elements, and it really works well for them. They recently did a tour with Asking Alexandria, Motionless In White, I Killed The Prom Queen and Chimaira, and today they unveiled a mini-documentary of the tour where they talk about their personal lives, touring, and how the experiences have made them who they are. you can view the video below.


Also in the video the band tells of the next album and how the writing has begun and they hope to have it out soon. I’m very excited, considering the band will most likely release a fantastic album of epic proportions. The band is also working on a live DVD which will be out soon, and we’ll have more details in a bit! Meantime, keep up with the band’s facebook page and stay tuned for a special announcement coming soon.


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