Late last week, I implored you guys to check out WAKE in my round-up of grind news and, to all three of you that did, they’re great aren’t they!? Don’t worry, they can be our hidden gem.

Regardless, there’s still time! The band have just released a full stream of the album over at Invisible Oranges, a full week short of it’s release through Handshake Inc. I’m only on my second run-through of this nineteen minute long rager but, god damn, for lack of a better term, it’s so damn good. The band happily spend as much time grinding as they do pumping out d-beats and feedback and it all points to False being one of the best grind releases of the year. If you’re a willing speed-freak, don’t sleep on this, WAKE really are a force to reckoned with.


– DL


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