We’re only a few editions into this column and I’ve already broken the only real rule it was bound to. I clearly live life fast and ruthlessly.

Damned Spring Fragrantia tease Divergences


The Basick Records seal of approval is not something to be scoffed at. You’d be hard pushed to find a release on the label that wasn’t, at the very least, great and the trend continues with the upcoming Damned Spring Fragrantia album Divergences. The band recently released a teaser for the record, shown above, ahead of the June 24th release date that shows off the grooving and angular approach used throughout and brings to mind influences such as Vildjharta, label-mates Ion Dissonance and godfathers of modern metal Meshuggah. While not exactly my normal stomping ground, Divergences has found a significant amount of play time in my listening habits lately and hopefully you can hear why.

Esoteric Youth stream new 7″, The Burden Of Living


Self-described as ‘the most evil band out of Manchester since Oasis’, Esoteric Youth are definitely one of the most sinister bands I’ve heard all year. Taking the most deranged and pedal-to-the-floor moments of Rise And Fall  and Trap Them, their latest release The Burden Of Living is roughly 10 minutes of solidified crusty hatred that you subject yourself to here, over at Terrorizer and, if you’re in the UK, be sure to check out those upcoming tour dates in November alongside Heksed.


Strychnia pay tribute to the groove legends with a cover of ‘Slaughtered


Pantera are a dirty word to some metalheads. But it shouldn’t be. They got incredibly heavy at times, such as in ‘Slaughtered‘, taken from their 1994 outing Far Beyond Driven. While still maintaining their trademark groove and head-moving rhythms, the band tears through a plethora of bone-crushing riffs that chop and judder and double bass pedal abuse — making it the perfect cover song for a band like Strychnia. The up and coming death metal act injected a near lethal dose of groove into their recent EP Reanimated Monstrosity and recently uploaded the bonus track to YouTube for our listening pleasure. Pantera were heavy, but they have never sounded this suffocatingly heavy.

Tesseract drummer Jay Postones unveils drumcam footage of ‘Of Matter – Proxy


Taken from a show last month in London, Tesseract drummer Jay Postones has uploaded some footage of a playthrough of album opener ‘Of Matter – Proxy‘. The sound isn’t exactly crystal clear but you can definitely get a good idea of how precise and clear-cut his playing is just from the visuals and Postones has promised more videos in the pipeline, so if you’re a drummer there’s some serious eye-candy going on here. Those ghost notes, my god.

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