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Yesterday, the seminal tech death group Gorguts revealed some new information regarding their highly anticipated new album Colored Sands. Just a day later, the group has unveiled their first new song in 12 years, ‘Forgotten Arrows. After a band breaks up and then creates a new album over a decade later with a different lineup, it’s easy to expect disappointment. However, Gorguts wasted no time in letting fans know that their new material doesn’t suck. In fact, it rules.

After hearing ‘Forgotten Arrows,’ it’s easy to see how groups like Mitochondrion and Ulcerate followed in their footsteps. There’s a fair bit of post-death atmosphere going on as well as the wonky riffing that the band is known for, and I mean that in the best way possible. The track premiered through Stereogum and can be streamed via the lyric video below.


Exponentially excited for Colored Sands now, as if I wasn’t already. Colored Sands will be available no later than September 3rd through Season of Mist. You can secure your pre-order at this location.

– JR


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