This is probably old news to those of you who supplement your Heavy Blog browsing with another site, but it’s better to be late than never mention something this cool at all. Earlier this week, Swedish melancholic rock group Katatonia launched a crowd-sourcing project to release a semi-acoustic and stripped-down version of Dead End Kings titled Dethroned and Uncrowned. Just three days later, the band have reached their goal and then some with 82 days to go. This release is definitely happening.

I imagine it will be something like Cynic‘s Re-Traced EP, where the songs are re-imagined in a lighter and more atmospheric context. Read the band’s explanation of the project below:

First off, we wanna say that we’re completely happy with the outcome and success of ‘Dead End Kings’, but truth to be told, we saw a potential in going in a different and unexplored direction with the same material. Our instincts told us that this would be both intriguing and captivating to revoke the loud and aggressive sound picture dominant on the album and instead give way to the atmosphere and tranquillity lurking beneath. This eventually became an urge, so a few months later down the road we decided it was time to re-visit this project, but indulge in new creative experimentation.

So, it’s our wish to release the entire album in a stripped down, semi-acoustic way and turn things around completely and we are asking you, the fans, to help us do this by Pledging the various album formats and other exclusive items we have made available. By doing so you can check back regularly to find out about our campaign and the album’s progress.

The synopsis is simple and album title won’t lie; the drums will be dethroned and the distorted rhythm guitars will be uncrowned! Instead, we’ll place the emphasis on the many layers of ambiance, with the melodies staying central and the vocal harmonies representing the heart of the album. Also by pledging you are helping the bands ability to be able to tour further afield. Although the songs are the same and the track listing doesn’t change, we hope the end result is something entirely different! Think of the album like a person’s face in the hands of a surgeon, whose appearance is gonna change, but it’s still the same person behind that face and we guess an important factor, in this case, would be that the surgeon itself is obviously Katatonia, not a stranger! If there’s one album in our repertoire that’s suited for a thing like this, it’s ‘Dead End Kings’.

We’ll be doing this in partnership with our record label’s imprint division Kscope who specialise in these kind of releases, but we would also like to involve you, our dear fans from the start to make this an album we can all cherish and be proud of forevermore. The aim is to have the album released by September 9th of this year.

You can still pledge your money for the project over at Pledge Music, where you can pick up some cool perks, like a signed LP, guitar lessons, and a bunch of drum equipment, among other things!

– JR


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