941778_562459313796646_1214535082_nEvery Passing Dream


01. The Absence Of Light
02. Graves
03. Divide The Line
04. Father Figure
05. Picture Perfect
06. Pressure
07. The Greatest Weight To Carry
08. Deceiver
09. The Family Curse
10. Betrayed
11. Misguided


Local bands normally never do anything, mostly because they’re all the same boring music. Either it’s somebody trying to be the next big “djent” band or just playing boring breakdowns all the time with absolutely no sense of musicianship other than to sound brutal. Every Passing Dream is the exception. This quintet from West Palm Beach has given us a killer debut album that not only satisfies the need for heaviness, but also puts hints of melody and texture into their music.

Misguided open with an intro, then heads into their latest single ‘Graves’ which kicks face. After a couple more songs the guest vocalists start to appear, with Gus from Volumes being one of them. It adds really nice depth to the track ‘Father Figure’ and makes a case for it to be more than just a selling point. This record is just really heavy and really fun. The songs, while their brevity may scare some away at times, serve as useful purpose to make you want to go back and listen some more, as opposed to a five or six minute long track that you only wanted to hear “that certain part” in. The entire album is also devoid of boring tracks, save for maybe the intro and interlude, which, while not boring, are just that: interludes. They serve a purpose but overall, you won’t pick them as your favorite songs on the record.

The album is elven songs at around thirty minute long, and that’s exactly how it should be. The songs don’t drag on and have some extended intros or outros that prove unnecessary to the overall flow of the record. One of the highlights of this track is actually the re-hashed intro to ‘Deceiver’, which is slowed down, heavy and has a really awesome melody going on that they incorporate into the song itself. This was actually a song from their first EP that they re-recorded, and it turned out better than anyone could have expected. The band have really evolved from their early days and have matured into a band that recognizes and understands the meaning of melody and continuity in a song.

Critiques with the album are minimal, the biggest one, however, being with the lack of vocal variety. Tyler Levenson is a great vocalist, but he uses mids almost exclusively. Perhaps a nice guttural of high-pitched scream could have fit a certain section of a song better. The vocals on track 10, which features Gideon frontman Daniel McWhorter, also seem a bit out of place. While clean are always a nice change of pace in really heavy metal such as this, they seem a tiny bit disjointed, almost off-time, which hinders the song’s effectiveness overall. The intro to ‘Deceiver’ also never returns, and if the band had pursued it throughout the song, maybe slowing down the tempo to accommodate for it, it would have made the song that much more impressive.

Misguided is a great debut from a very young and talented band. Their dedication and perseverance has given us a killer debut filled with some awesome songs that resonate with the listener. If the band can continue to evolve and refine their sound, there’s no telling how far they will go.


Every Passing Dream – Misguided gets…




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