Soreption - Engineering the Void

Sweden may be more famous for it’s hand in the more melodic side of death metal, but that hasn’t stopped Soreption exploring the more technical side of things. Back in 2010, this Sundsvall based act dropped a full length by the name of Deterioration Of Minds that acted as  one of the hidden gems of that year, only really revealing itself to metal fans looking who plumbed the depths for something special. However, last Thursday the band returned and unveiled a teaser for their new album Engineering The Void which contains nearly 3 minutes of new music from the band, which you hear below:


Fans of laser-precise and ultra-tight tech-death will be in nerd-vana right here. So for those of you wanting a little more substantial, be sure to check our their video for ‘By Venom Entitled‘. It’s a bit NSFW so maybe leave it until you get home from work.


There’s no concrete release date but all references state that the album is coming soon through Ninetone Records.

– DL


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