Murder Made God - Irreverence

I’ve talked about Murder Made God before and rattled on about why I enjoy them so much, but sometimes praise is worth repeating — especially on the internet, where everyone hates everything. This Greek death metal unit take splatterings of Decapitated and Suffocation to create some of the grooviest and head-moving death metal you’ll hear this year and their latest video for ‘Throne Of Derision‘ produces the exact kind of horror-influenced visuals you would want to accompany it:


Throne Of Derision‘ is taken from the band’s upcoming album Irreverence, which will see a release next Tuesday through Brutal Bands, and acts as our first proper look at what the band are trying to achieve. The video is your standard slightly gory, warehouse fare but does nothing to detract away from the most important part, the music. Murder Made God are incessantly brutal and bone-crushingly heavy and, honestly, what more could you ask for?

– DL

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