Eldrimner‘s 2012 debut album Inom förloppet av ett liv was criminally ignored. We hosted the exclusive stream and the record found its way into my best-of 2012 list. Despite these efforts though, no one else seems to be talking about this Swedish blackened groove metal band. Rest assured we won’t be shutting up about them so long as they remain active. Which brings us to today, as the group have unveiled their first music video from the album, ‘Undergången.’

The video is largely a performance video, but for those new to the band, the song capture’s the bands Meshuggah-meets-Shining style of music that is pretty unique among the metal scene right now. It’s hard to find an overtly Meshuggah influenced band that isn’t djent, so it’s easy to see how we could get wrapped up gawking at these young Swedes. Check out the video below.


Catch up with the band by checking out Inom förloppet av ett liv on Spotify and iTunes.

– JR


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