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Squash Bowels detail new album Grindcoholism


Alongside labelmates and fellow countrymen AntigamaSquash Bowels are set to release a new album later this year through Selfmadegod Records, who continue to assert themselves as one of the most underrated independent labels around these days. Grindcoholism marks the band’s sixth effort (don’t quote me on that, the line between album and EP in grindcore is very thin), from a career spanning nearly a decade, and will see a July 2nd release date. ‘The Second‘ is our first insight into the record and will easily be loved by those that love their grind to be loose and unpredictable.

The Atrocity Exhibit release new EP What Time The Hidden Death? for free through Grindcore Karaoke


Damnation Festival last year was extremely hectic for me — it seemed like everywhere I turned there was a band just waiting to blow me away. A good problem to have, naturally, but it did mean that when the dust had settled some bands got left by the wayside when it came down to finally checking out all those great bands. The Atrocity Exhibit took to the second stage very early in the day but instantly made the 5 hour journey to the venue worth it with an intense set that focused of belting out some of the crustiest and feedback-drenched grindcore possible. So imagine my surprise this morning when I checked out Grindcore Karaoke, only to see the band’s latest EP available for free download. Check it out here and then try and tell me that ‘Waste Of Hate‘ isn’t the heaviest thing ever.


WAKE tease new album, False


Making a teaser video for a grindcore song may be a bit overkill, but I’ll take what I can get when it comes to WAKE. This Canadian troupe are vastly underrated and their 2011 release Leeches has been mainstay for those days where other bands just aren’t heavy enough. The teaser above shows off a section from a track beautifully entitled ‘Filth Addict‘ and is taken from their upcoming album False, which is set for release through a collaboration between 7Degrees Records and Handshake Inc on the 25th of June.

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