Bootleg t-shirts are the worst. The people that make them lie somewhere just above ticket scalpers for me, and that’s pretty damn low as it is. However, Opeth today highlighted a selection of bootleg t-shirts being sold by some company that are just so half-arsed, it’s actually kind of funny. Normally, bootleggers would be happy to just reproduce a design from an official t-shirt and throw it on some low quality fabric, but not these guys, no. They’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty and presented a line of their own that are just terrible, most notably with the above shirt, ‘YOU SHALL NOT BASS.’

Forgetting the fact that the turn of phrase doesn’t really make any sense, the picture is actually taken from fan-art put together by a Greek fan to create a series of posters, with the watermark removed. Other highlights include; a t-shirt that has ‘The Devil’s Orchard‘ emblazoned on it above the artwork for their debut Orchid, a white t-shirt with a stock photo of the band printed on it and nothing indicating it’s Opeth in any way and, my personal favourite, a fuzzy picture of Mikeal Akerfeldt mid-way through a sentence, pulling a face that can only occur when you sneak up on someone with a camera. I would link to the site, but I don’t really want to be seen as advertising at all.

So yeah, don’t buy bootleg merch. It’s tacky as hell.

– DL


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