Triple Brutal

The Tim Lambesis murder for hire case has been the biggest bit of metal news all year. We’re all aware of it and the developments that happened over the last month. When you cut through all the disappointments and gossip, at the core of all the fan outrage and worry was whether or not the Austrian Death Machine IndieGoGo campaign was intended to help pay for the murder of his ex-wife and if backers were ever going to see a return on their donation as promised. Fans can now put those worries at rest, because the new Austrian Death Machine album Triple Brutal is still happening.

Via Facebook:

“UPDATE!!! Neaaaahhh!!!

Tim finished all of his parts back before he went on tour in Asia. He was just waiting for me to do my parts and put together the finishing touches on the mix of the album. I’m working on that this starting this week now that I have the files. The CD should be done soon and then we’ll start planning to manufacture.

AKA the Gummy Bear of Candycornia
AKA 7 time Mr Olympia
AKA The Greatest Actor in the World”

I suppose this is some good news. Fans want the music and merch they paid for, though I’m guessing perks like a personal training session with Tim is now officially out of the question. At the end of the day though, does anyone even still want to be involved in the project? Tim’s involvement in Austrian Death Machine was the foundation of interest, and now that the world’s perception of him goes from “beefcake Christian good guy metalhead” to “roided out criminal,” do people even care enough outside of the novelty of hearing Tim’s last recorded work before he hits the big house? To me, it feels like the innocent over-the-top fun of the whole thing kinda went out the window with the whole murder thing.

This extends to the array of guest artists who have agreed to become a part of the record, including:

Bleeding Through guitarist Dave Nassie
Allegaeon‘s Ryan Gilsan
Impending Doom drummer Brandon Trahan
God Forbid guitarist Doc Coyle
The Faceless guitarist Wes Hauch
Carnifex vocalist Scott Lewis
Ex-Sworn Enemy guitarist Lorenzo “The Main Event” Antonucci

Were their parts already recorded? If so, would any of them rescind their offer of involvement on moral grounds? Lorenzo Antonucci stikes me as the kind of guy who might not want to be involved considering the overwhelming evidence against Tim.

At the end of the day, it’s cool that people are getting what they paid for. It just raises a lot of considerations and what Tim did will likely taint the whole experience for many fans.

More Austrian Death Machine news as it comes in.

– JR


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