Far Stepper / Of Wide Sea

Around these parts, we have a soft spot for our friend Jak Noble and his project Returning We Hear The Larks. His 2010 EP Proud England remains as one of my personal favorite djent releases, and it feels it’s been forever waiting on a follow-up. Luckily, there’s finally a full-length album coming up in the form of Far-Stepper/Of Wide Sea, and a first single from the album has been made available.

From Facebook:

NEW SONG! As promised, here’s a ‘single edit’ of a track from my upcoming second album ‘Far-Stepper/Of Wide Sea’. The track is up for free download (as the album will be) SO GRAB IT AND SPREAD IT ALL OVER EVERYONE.The album itself features 6 tracks spanning 48 minutes and tells the story of the tragic lives of the Gorgon sisters of Greek mythology. I will be announcing a release date soon. The track-list is as follows:

I. Prologue: Stheno, Slain by the Hand of Jupiter
II. Nascence in the Caverns of Mount Olympus
III. The Corruption of the Third Sister
IV. The Despairing Sea I: In Search of Solace
V. A Daemon Hunted/The Flight of Perseus
VI. The Despairing Sea II: The Wanderer Euryale

The track is available for streaming and download below. It’s a killer track which features Jak trying out some new gutteral vocals, which oddly works well against the ambient djent music, and some pretty wild high/falsetto singing. Far-Stepper/Of Wide Sea looks like it’s going to be a formidable follow-up to Proud England it seems. I’m already excited. More info when available.
– JR

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