Revocation are one of the most exciting bands around these days — this is evident and smart people agree. They rose up in the sudden wave of ‘thrash revival’ a while back and have maintained their niche by creating thrash that has all the intensity of a death metal band and incorporates guitar solos that are would be at home amongst the repertoire of any of those 80’s ‘guitar gods’. Their upcoming self-titled album is sure to be killer if their past material is anything to go by and it’s quite obviously one of my most anticipated albums of the year. So, in anticipation, here is 30 whole seconds of brand new, never heard before, straight out of the box, fresh as a daisy, mint condition Revocation material:


There you have it. The sample is apparently taken from a track entitled ‘Archfiend and while there’s no real surprises in store, it’s good to hear the band are as heavy as they’ve always been.

 Revocation is set for an August 6th release through Relapse Records.

– DL


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