Sometimes albums don’t age well. For whatever reason, it becomes obvious very quickly that they were a product of their time and while they still retain a nostalgic allure, it’s just not the same. The Trees Are Dead And Dried Out…, the debut album from British mentalists SikTh, on the other hand sounds as fresh and as exciting as it did the first time I heard it and will reach its 10th birthday on August 18th. Guitarist Dan Weller took to the band’s Facebook page to offer some thoughts on both the album and a possible reformation in the future:

Do you know that August this year will be 10 years since the release of ‘The Tree’s…’. CRAZY.

I remember – clear as day – walking into Virgin megastores on Oxford Street London that day and hearing PEEPSHOW playing.

This year is also 10 years since SikTh first played Download Festival.

It’s got me thinking about those days and how all we ever wanted was to make timeless music that people listened to for years to come  Thanks for still listening guys.

And to all of you guys asking us to reform – you know how we feel..

One day when all of our schedules align and we can make it happen we will

Many bands reform for the wrong reasons… often to make a dollar (we’ve been offered a lot to do some shows).
.. Well, we won’t do it for that reason alone. We owe it to our fans to produce something very special when we return. This will take time to create.

So, yeah. Hopefully, maybe, possibly in the future we may live to see the band reform and play some of those classic tracks that comprise one of the most inventive and adventurous metal albums of the last ten years. The entire situation went something like this for me:


Regardless, if you’ve somehow managed to avoid SikTh so far, now would be a great time to catch up — they’re honestly one of the most individual metal bands of recent memory and have had a huge but invisible hand in the way modern metal sounds today. Many people champion their second album Death Of A Dead Day as their best work, but, for me at least, The Trees… is an hours worth of complex and unpredictable material that defines what this band were really all about.


– DL


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