Grey Gordon

As much as I love metal, it’s nice to take a break from it and jam some things that have no connection to metal. Normally I go with some Hiromi Uehara, Frank Ocean, Jack Johnson or even some dubstep (don’t hate on it; there’s actually some really good artists out there). But I really love to jam acoustic stuff; it’s nice and relaxing, and is normally live, one-take stuff with little to no overdubs. One day I was on Bandcamp and got a suggestion to check out Grey Gordon, and upon looking at his page, I was instantly surprised. There were around 8 or 9 albums on there, all acoustic, most original with some cover songs. I downloaded one of his albums and put it on. I haven’t turned back since.

Grey Gordon is a culmination of artists such as Jack Johnson and Anthony Green. It’s acoustic-indie type stuff, which may throw some people off. When you sit down to listen to the songs, however, you find that it’s something more. It’s simply beautifully crafted acoustic music. Recently he released the single ‘500 Miles’ off of his brand new album Still At Home Here, which is out now on No Sleep Records


It’s just a fun, catchy track. One thing to point out is that this guy is covered in ink. Tattoos from head to toe. I think that it really adds a different view to the music. A “rough and tough” exterior mixed with such peaceful and happy music. It will really be something for listeners to take it all in, especially if they see him live. So head over to his bandcamp and download all of his stuff for whatever price you’d like, and if he comes to a city near you, be sure to go see him. He’s a super nice guy with a heart of gold, and is nothing but appreciative of the opportunity he has been given to share his music with the world.

Still At Home Here is out now on No Sleep Records.



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