Dead in the Dirt

Do you have thirty seconds to spare? Good, then spend it wisely by listening to the first track unveiled from grindcore/powerviolence powerhouse Dead In The Dirt‘s new album The Blind Hole. At a mere half a minute, you’d be forgiven for thinking that ‘The Blaring Eye‘ may be just another brisk surge that exchanges quality for brevity, instead Dead In The Dirt manage to put together a track with the largest intensity per second quota this side of Nails.


This Georgian three-piece initially made their mark with a short EP entitled Fear, released through none other than Southern Lord records back in 2011, but after an extensive tour schedule that even included time serving under drone masters Sunn O))), DITD are back with what is promised as a 22-track effort, with less than a half hour run time, set for release later this year. The track listing is given as:

1. Suffer
2. The Blaring Eye
3. Swelling
4. Strength Through Restraint
5. Idiot Bliss
6. You Bury Me
7. Skulllbinding
8. Mask
9. Cop
10. No Chain
11. Will Is The War
12. Baggar
13. One More Day
14. The Pit Of Me
15. Caged
16. Starve
17. Vein
18. Pitch Black Tomb
19. The Last Nail
20. Two Flames
21. Knife In The Feathers
22. Halo Crown

In the time it took you to read that, you’ve could’ve listened to the track again.

– DL


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