iwabo 2013 by Jeremy Saffer

Few bands are as polarizing as iwrestledabearonce. I seem to be one of the few that always manages to ride the fence on IWABO, with my opinion on the group changing depending on my mood and tastes. Though, I did enjoy their most recent effort Ruining it for Everybody quite a bit at the time, so things are pointing in an upward trajectory for the avant-garde influenced metalcore group. With that in mind, my interest is certainly piqued — even more so when you consider that the group had a lineup change that landed them a new vocalist in Courtney LaPlante. In some ways, I think the band have a lot to prove when it comes to their new album, Late for Nothing.

Late for Nothing was produced, mixed, and mastered entirely by guitarist and founding member Steven Bradley in his home studio. Bradley offers,

“The entire album came together as a result of us wanting to do something different. We didn’t want to make another weird IWABO album or whatever people were expecting.  We set out to make something different and better than anything we’ve ever released.  It’s a more evolved version of the band.  We explored new styles and genres as well—especially in terms of the more spacey, epic, and beautiful parts. It’s got the most melodic moments of our career as well as the heaviest.”

It seems the band are trying to move towards the center in some ways, as the press release paints Late for Nothing as the band’s most melodic and accessible work to date. The band are still apparently no strangers to turning heads though, as they’ve somehow managed to get the legendary Steve Vai to contribute a guest solo to a track titled, ‘Carnage Asada.’

Do what?!

Here’s the tracklist, complete with obscure references on wonky track titles:

1.  Thunder Chunky
2.  Letters To Stallone
3.  Snake Charmer
4.  Boat Paddle
5.  Firebees
6.  Mind The Gap
7.  Carnage Asada
8.  The Map
9.  That’s A Horse Of A Different Color
10.  I’d Buy That For A Dollar
11.  Inside Job
12.  It Don’t Make Me No Nevermind
Late for Nothing will see the light of day August 6th via Century Media Records. Expect a new track and album artwork by the end of next week!
– JR

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