Sometimes you stumble upon a track that is so immediate and satisfying that you can’t help but hit that replay button four or five times. That’s exactly what happened with Murdock‘s new video for ‘Brain Face‘. This Irish three-piece take all those white-knuckle inducing moments of bands like The Dillinger Escape PlanRefused and Botch and smash them together to create some spectacularly angular mathcore, with their latest video ‘Brain Face‘ acting as the perfect mission statement for the band. Riffs are aplenty but at no point do they ever feel uninspired or unnecessary as Murdock power through this two and a half minute stormer at break-neck speed:


Originally, I’d caught the tail-end of the video on Scuzz, a UK based music video channel (yes, they do still exist), but missed out on catching the name of the band so I was pretty happy when the band got in contact with us. Further material from the band is thin on the ground at the moment, other than a 2009 release that sounds quite different, but word is that the group has a full length written, so it shouldn’t be too long before we hear from them again. And I can’t wait.

– DL


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