The most well groomed tech-metal band in the UK are back and with a new album on the horizon. The Safety Fire took to their Facebook page this morning to detail their upcoming new album Mouth Of Swords, set for release on the 2nd of September through Inside Out, stating:

We are very excited to announce the release of our forthcoming second album, entitled ‘Mouth Of Swords’, due to be released on September 2nd 2013.

With guitarist Dez adding:

“I must have said “there is no topping Winger’s 1988 classic ‘Winger’ ” on a daily basis during the recording process. I’ve never been wrong about anything in my whole life, so it was a rather humbling experience to realise that what we were creating was in fact better than Winger’s 1988 classic, ‘Winger’. I felt like a bozo deluxe. After a while I came to accept that we had created the best album of all time, ever, in the history of known time. The burden of holding such musical gold was too much for us to handle and the band agreed to release it through InsideOut Music, on September 2nd. I’d like to think the music can speak for itself, but music can’t speak, so I’ll speak on its behalf. Hello. I hope you enjoy me.”

You’re damn right I took up a tonne of spacing simply regurgitating the press release. That’s because reading it had me in absolute stitches — I honestly thought I was the only one that truly appreciated the hidden genius of Winger. The band also went on to announce that would be debuting a new song ‘Red Hatchet‘ on June 12th and have even hinted briefly at a video for the track, so we have something a little more immediate to look forward to.

We’ll leave you with the tracklist, below:

1. Mouth Of Swords
2. Glass Crush
3. Yellowism
4. Beware The Leopard (Jagwar) feat. Tommy Rogers
5. Red Hatchet
6. Wise Hands
7. The Ghosts That Wait For Spring
8. I Am Time, The Destroyer
9. Old Souls

– DL

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