Chimaira have released a teaser for their new album Crown of Phantoms, with the complete tracklisting and snippets of each song for your listening pleasure, and I gotta say, I’m even more stoked than I was before for this album. There’s been a lot of doubt surrounding this album, mainly because Chimaira’s sole remaining member is now vocalist Mark Hunter and their new lineup essentially consists of three-fifth’s of Dååth, but it sounds like Dååth guitarist Emil Werstler and former Dirge Within guitarist Matt Szlachta are filling Rob Arnold’s and Matt DeVries’s gargantuan-size shoes just fine. The first single the band released from Crown of Phantoms, ‘All That’s Left is Blood’ (listen here), was trademark Chimaira, full of neck-snapping grooves, fresh lead work courtesy of Werstler, and I think it laid much of that doubt to rest. The teaser for the album can be viewed below. It’s also worth noting that that album artwork is SICK.


Crown of Phantoms is due out July 30th on eOne entertainment. The band utilized an Indiegogo campaign with various perks for funders to help fund the release of the album, and they surpassed their goal by $30,000.

– AL

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