Watain All That May Bleed

Watain are just the kind of more traditional style of black metal that I can get into. The band have been known to go a little over-the-top theatrically and thematically (not necessarily in a Ghost sort of way), and it helps that the Swedes can match the front with music that is just as enjoyable as the show. 2010’s Lawless Darkness won me over with ease as one of the few non-Emperor non-post black metal record that I could listen to on repeat. After that album’s critical acclaim, all eyes are on the band’s follow-up The Wild Hunt, which is do out later this year.

The first taste of the new album comes from the band’s new single ‘All That May Bleed’ is due out June 25th, but you can hear about a minute of the track below. It sounds pretty sinister and over the top in true Watain fashion.


The single will be released on 7″ vinyl along with a cover of Taiwaz‘s ‘Play With The Devil.’ Along with digital download, the single will be available in the following formats:

–Black 7″ vinyl (limited to 2,000 copies worldwide)
–Red 7″ vinyl with sticker (only available from www.wolfwear.net; limited to 500 copies worldwide)
–7″ Picture disc (available from www.cmdistro.com and www.wolfwear.net; limited to 500 copies worldwide)

Otherwise, The Wild Hunt will be available on August 20th through Century Media Records.

– JR


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