coverMETEOR Antigama



01. Collapse
02. The Key
03. Prophecy
04. Meteor
05. Fed By The Feeling
06. Crystal Tune
07. Stargate
08. The Signal
09. Turbulence
10. Perfect Silence
11. Untruth

[Selfmadegod Records]

Lying somewhere between sheer visceral intensity and unbridled instrumental prowess sit Polish grinders Antigama. With over ten years of experience under their belt, including 6 full length albums and a whole collections of splits, they are a band that clearly know what they mean to achieve with their music and, more importantly, the most direct route of going about it.

Meteor isn’t a subtle album, by any means. The music contained within this half an hour grind showcase rarely pauses for breath and instills a sort of hurried approach to moving between riffs and passages within the songs — just as you’re finding your feet within a section, the band have a tendency to take a slightly sadistic pleasure in grabbing you by the wrist and pulling you directly into something else, all the time grinning manically. Tracks like ‘Prophecy‘, ‘Crystal Tune‘ and ‘The Key‘ all weave stunningly brutal riffs and tech-infused blasts into short, sharp shocks of grind intensity, the sort you’d normally associate with bands like NasumRotten Sound and Insect Warfare. Passages of tracks can turn on a dime without a moments notice bringing to mind to the most recent work of scene legends Napalm Death and Gridlink.

Sometimes this approach can become overwhelming — it’s to be expected when the only gear the band explores is the highest. Despite the short running time, Meteor‘s ridiculous work ethic is likely to wear thin for those that aren’t already complete disciples of the rat race and although it may seem like an oxymoron; to truly appreciate Meteor, it’s an album you have to spend a lot of time with. Whereas some bands are more than happy to come up with one idea and ride it through into an entire 3 minute song, Antigama’s ADD refrain them from even drawing breath as they continually pull tricks out of the bag. And when they do finally manage to slow things down, such as on the juddering title track or the slightly more punk-y ‘Fed By The Feeling‘, it really doesn’t take long for them to lapse back into those razor sharp sections that they do so well (that’s ignoring the completely batshit insane scatting section that pops up out of nowhere in the latter).

With Meteor, Antigama haven’t set out to reinvent themselves in any way. Anyone who is aware of their work with find a satisfying familiarity within the first few minutes of the album and that’s perfectly fine. Whereas most bands would be content to tread water in place, Antigama have simply refined and articulated themselves and they’re left sounded more venomous and more brutal than ever before.


Antigama’s Meteor gets…4/5


– DL

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