Steak Number Eight

Steak Number Eight aren’t a band we’ve talked a whole lot about here on Heavy Blog, but considering how much their most recent release The Hutch has been popping up in my listening habits lately, I should probably amend that. Thankfully, the band have just released a new video for ‘Cryogenius‘, the opener to the album, which you can watch below:


This Belgian post-metal troupe take the ebbs and swells of Isis and mix in sludgy, hardcore inspired riffs to create some of the most refined and well crafted ‘post’-centric music I’ve heard all year. It’s surprising to hear such a young band make a racket that’s so very clearly defined, but it makes more sense when you consider that this is their third release — the band having started with an average age of 15 back in 2008 and becoming the youngest band ever to win Belgium’s Humo Rock Rally (which I hear is a pretty big deal).

– DL

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