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I, Of Helix compose crushing proggy metalcore in ‘XXIX


Some of you may remember we recently sponsored the ‘Groove It Or Lose It’ tour featuring upcoming deathcore merchants Ænimus, well the band have added a few more dates in California under the title of the ‘Still Grooving’ with this progressive five-piece as the main support. On their Facebook page, the band list Between The Buried And MeAugust Burns Red and Whitechapel amongst their main influences and you can definitely hear that in ‘XXIX‘. The band move through some strikingly different sections throughout the track  and prove themselves as extremely proficient musicians — the sort you’d definitely want to keep an eye on.

True Widow burn slowly in ‘HW:R


For those days where life just seems to stream by at an alarming pace and you’re left wondering what all the rush is about, True Widow weave a combination of stoner rock and shoegaze into dreamy southern tones that are as enticing as they are soothing — check it out here. The whole atmosphere of ‘HW:R‘ brings to mind the peaceful stream rides that embodied the most recent Earth albums, but with a much more direct intent that could easily place this sound alongside the more subdued moments of Kylesa. Relapse Records is set to release the band’s upcoming record Circumambulation on the 23rd of July, providing what will probably be the perfect summer album.


Strychnia’s ‘Killdozer‘ is as brutal as it sounds


At the complete opposite end of the spectrum lies New Jersey based death metallers Strychnia, who brew the most brutal moments of Cannibal CorpseDying Fetus and Hate Eternal together to create a massively crushing sound that has been wrecking faces left, right and centre for a good while now. ‘Killdozer‘ is taken from the band’s recently released EP Reanimated Monstrosity which you can check out here, at the band’s bandcamp page.

So, there you have it!

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