Three seems to work. As a group. Three is just the right collection of ideas such that you can compare and contrast easily and gain a meaningful insight — it just seems right. So here’s a collection of three awesome bands with something new to offer, grouped together for no real reason other than it felt right. Plus, good luck comes in threes, so there’s a good chance you’ll dig all three!

Lavania create surging post-rock soundscapes with ‘New Blood


If you like your metal subtle and patient then Lavinia are for you. Those warm-hearted rapscallions over at MetalSucks have premiered a stream of a new track by the band named ‘New Blood‘ from their new 7″, Take Shelter. It’s beautiful, it’s dreamy and it winds and twists through a whole plethora ideas before reaching a climatically huge ending that would easily please fans of PelicanFrames or If These Trees Could Talk.


Human Cull grind like fuck in ‘Entombed By Progress


On the flipside, lies UK grinders Human Cull, who have given us an insight into their upcoming full length Stillborn Nation. I must’ve listened this minute-long rager a good six or seven times now and it’s still as immediately satisfying as it was the first time, creating the sort of breakneck speed and intensity that you’d normally associate with genre legends like Terrorizer or Insect Warfare. If ‘Entombed…’ is anything to go by, then Stillborn Nation will be making some pretty big waves in the UK underground when it drops.

Palms continue to tease self-titled debut


You know the score by now with Palms. Supergroup comprised of members of Deftones and Isis and, by the looks of it, their upcoming debut is going to be something special. The band have just released a minute and a half long teaser for the album that gives you a more complete overlook of the album — there’s atmospheric leads and cascading riffs, all lead by the angelic pipes of one, Chino Moreno. Honestly, I can’t wait to see how Palms unfolds and thankfully we won’t have to wait too long, as it’ll see the light of day on the 25th of June through Ipecac records.

– DL

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