The Black Dahlia Murder - Everblack

The release of Everblack is nearly upon us people, it’s time to ready your lugholes for the onslaught of melodic death metal that is about to be unleashed upon us. In preparation, the band have been slowly drip feeding us new material, most recently with Loudwire giving us an insight into the oddly named ‘Goat Of Departure.

Vocalist Trevor Strnad gave an insight into the origin of the track, stating:

This song is about how the goat came to represent Christian evil and the origins of the infamous ‘horns’ metal hand sign.

Which makes more sense. And while we’ve only heard maybe 30% of what will actually make up Everblack, I think it’s fair to say the band have really outdone themselves here. Everything about this new material just screams dark and heavy death metal and if nothing else, the band have settled into a great scorecard lately with a slew of great albums in a row. Definitely the time to start taking notice if you’ve ignored them thus far.


– DL

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