Pelican at MDF '13 (Aaron Pepelis)[Image via Aaron Pepelis of Return to the Pit]

You may remember that recently, post-metal legends Pelican, lost guitarist and founding member Laurent Schroeder-Lebec and replaced him with Dallas Thomas of the The Swan Kings — leaving people with the burning question of how this would affect their music. Thankfully, today we get our first insight into the new dynamic of the band with the PRP offering video of a brand new song played at the Maryland Death Fest. Apparently it was only one of two new tracks debuted at the festival, with footage yet to emerge of the other.


The sound quality isn’t great but that’s to be expected, but you can still get a good idea of their intentions and the general atmosphere of the track. Plus, you don’t need crystal clear sound to hear how stunning that climax around the 5 minute mark is. Here’s to hoping we hear something a little more official from the band soon as this teaser has definitely got me interested in some new studio material.

– DL


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