You’ve probably all already heard of the rumblings of a metal scene rising in popularity in Botswana through features such as Vice’s feature on South African photographer Frank Marshall’s photos from a visit to the little known country in 2008. The local scene mixes elements of NWOBHM with cowboy and biker gear to create a truly unique take on the genre we know and love so well and must’ve caught the attention of three London based filmmakers who have taken it upon themselves to expose the scene to the larger world. Their plan consists of setting up an Indiegogo campaign to fund a documentary based on the scene in general and more interestingly one band, Wrust, and their upcoming appearance at SoloMacello fest in Milan, Italy, alongside established acts such as Red FangKarma To Burn and Nero Di Marte.

There’s something very humbling about it all. As an Englishman, I’m designed to root for an underdog, but when you hear their music and watch some of the teaser videos you really start to see how sincere the entire project is and I would definitely love to see this succeed for everyone involved. So check out the Indiegogo page here, check out their music here and make your own mind up!




– DL


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