There are very few bands from South Florida that I enjoy,  reason number one being that they’re exactly like the other thousands of bands out there that try to do what’s trendy. A while back I covered locals Every Passing Dream, but now the focus is shifted towards another band that has tons of potential: Solus. Blending influences from Converge to The Dillinger Escape Plan this band plays their own style of hardcore/powerviolence music that just makes you want to throw down and go nuts. The band also features Collin of EPD on bass, which is cool. I love it when local bands feature members of each others’ projects; it really shows how closely knit they all are, as if they are one giant extended family. The self-titled EP, available for pay-what-you-want on the band’s Bandcamp page, is just under ten minutes long, but is more than enough. As the band work on new material, here’s to hoping nothing but great things come of this band!

– SS


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