PromoImage4We Butter The Bread With Butter

Projekt Herz EP

01. Intro
02. 1000 Volt
03. Mayday
04. USA
05. Western Beta
06. Euphorie
07. Soldat
08. Supernova

[Self Released]

We Butter The Bread With Butter, known for having the song with the “slowest breakdown of all time”, are back to impress yet again with Projekt Herz. Eight tracks of Attack Attack! meets Raunchy meets piss poor attempts at being Between the Buried and Me at a few points on the EP. Each track plods along from uninspired riff to uninspired riff, backed by the only truly interesting thing on that album, the electronics and synth parts. The inclusion of said elements give the music some depth, but nothing worthy of praise.

Tracks such as ‘Mayday’  contain chorus moments most reminiscent of early Raunchy, though roughly a quarter as interesting. The entire release is teeming with these moments, a slap in the face to the Danish metallers. The chorus moments on Projekt Herz feel lacking in every possible way. Lazily sung lines intertwined with bland, repetitive power chords make the listener wonder if this band will ever take themselves seriously and possibly write something that isn’t a joke. Fifth track, ‘Western Beta’,  features all the makings of something Between the Buried and Me would do, if only the substandard power chord progressions and gallop riffs didn’t mar the backing instrumentation, which is easily the highlight of the release. The very “western” use of horns, strings, and acoustic guitars is quite refreshing right in the middle of such a dismal release. Unfortunately, all of this instrumentation sounds highly synthetic, most likely performed on a keyboard or programmed on a piano roll.

The production doesn’t even do much to WBTBWB’s benefit, the drums being the most well produced instrument, behind the electronics. The guitars sound quite thin throughout, bass thrown to the back of the mix as usual, mainly just filling out the guitars as is so standard in metal today. The vocals on Projekt Herz are possibly the most grating thing about the entire package. Most times sounding as if vocalist Paul Bartzsch is overexerting himself, other times sounding as if he would rather be doing anything else, see the chorus of ‘Mayday’. The vocoder spots throughout a few tracks don’t help with keeping things interesting either.

Overall, Projekt Herz is a sad attempt at a joke band trying to be taken seriously, only making themselves the punchline once again. Almost nothing on this release is memorable, inspiring, or worthy of recommendation.  Bands like Raunchy do this kind of synth-pop inspired metal with exceedingly higher quality than We Butter the Bread With Butter.


We Butter The Bread With Butter – Projekt Herz gets…


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