Cult Leader

From the crusty, strewn ashes of Gaza, rises a new band Cult LeaderAnnounced last night through the former band’s Facebook page, the group looks to be comprised of all members of Gaza barring vocalist Jon Parkin, or at least that’s what the cover photo would have you believe. Here’s what they had to say:

Some of us continue to make music together. The new band is Cult Leader. Our first show is with Full of HellSeven Sisters of Sleep, and Rile at the The Shred Shed SLC. We’d appreciate it if you could be there, like the page, and also if you would spread the news (but from the Cult Leader page if at all possible). Thank you, and kindly continue to fuck yourselves.

It’s pretty obvious something happened between the various parties involved but, and I feel like I’m wearing this phrase out lately, ‘remember that we actually have no idea what is happening, your speculation is based on fuck all’. More importantly than all that, the band have promised new music to be released as soon as possible and with the bar set by their work in No Absolutes In Human Suffering, it’s obvious these guys are worth keeping an eye on.

– DL


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