Eye Ra Haze

One up-and-coming alt-rock band to keep an eye on is Eye Ra Haze, a female-fronted group from New York that combines the eight string guitars and floating atmospherics of Deftones with the melodic cadence of Chevelle. The group are releasing a new EP Eye Of The Storm in the coming weeks, and in preparation, the group are releasing a series of vlogs and guitar playthroughs which will be posted exclusively to Heavy Blog!

Today, we bring you the second in the band’s series of vlogs (the first one here) from vocalist Natasha Nicholson and a video playthrough of guitarist Nicole Papastavrou covering Korn‘s classic single ‘Here To Stay’!



You can also stream the band’s new song ‘Quiet Storm’ below.

The Eye of the Storm EP will be available June 11th, but you can purchase the single ‘New Beginning now on iTunes.

– JR


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