Scale the Summit are one of my favorite instrumental acts, simply because they’re able to consistently deliver a near perfect blend of melody and technical prowess that just excites me. I’ve always referred to Scale the Summit as “adventure music,” making a brilliant soundtrack for road trips or idle game playing; let me tell you, playing Minecraft with Scale the Summit is a pretty blissful experience. The band’s new album The Migration looks to really up the ante with the whole whimsical soundtrack sort of thing so far, especially in the band’s new track ‘Atlas Novus.’


‘Atlas Novus’ may very well be my favorite StS song ever so far, simply because it changes things up in some ways for the band. There’s some new tones being explored by the band, and the writing is just fantastic throughout. The pairing of Scale the Summit with producer Jaime King is apparently a glorious one! Stream the track below:


The Migration will be available on June 11th via Prosthetic Records. Pre-orders here!

– JR




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