Do you like mathcore? Well it doesn’t matter, you should. More importantly, you should like The Colour Line — an up and coming British mathcore band that are set to release their debut later this year.


Signed to Destroy Everything, which you may know as the recently announced sister label to Basick Records, the band caught my attention initially as probably the most intense and heavy of the first batch of bands that the label announced but quickly sold me on their frantic and mind-bending mathcore. Taking the pedal-to-the-floor approach of bands like The Dillinger Escape Plan and Converge, they waste no time in making their intents known in a flurry of off-kilter blasts and skronky chords that you can hear right here and, although new material is thin on the ground at the moment, the band have just released a teaser containing snippets of playthroughs from their rehearsal space:


If even half of those ideas might it into the final product, The Colour Line are going to have something pretty spectacular on their hands. Also, be sure to check out the brilliantly named ‘Thrash Bandicoot‘, it slays.


– DL


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